Don Richardson Mobile Management Accountant

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We are a professional organisation providing management accounting and administrative services to small businesses. These are undertaken at our office or, because we are mobile, at clients premises.

The main operator in the business is Don Richardson, a Chartered Accountant having qualified in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1972, then again in Australia in 1985. He had many years of experience in the Accounting profession, mainly audit, including 8 years as partner of a large Southern Africa firm called Pim Golby which had association with Touche Ross International.

In 1987 he moved into the commercial arena in Australia and held positions of Company Secretary and Financial Controller of a number of public listed companies in one stable, essentially in the resources sector.

Registered Tax Practitioner In 1993 he established Joydon Enterprises, a consulting business and that still operates successfully today. The aim of this business is to provide mobile management accounting and administrative services to small businesses, giving them top level advice and expertise, as they require it and at a price that is affordable, without them having to employ a qualified accountant full time. This service can be at a review or advisory level or on a hands-on processing level.


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